About us

About us

In this section you will learn a little more about us: SAVETIME belongs to ALJATUR, S.L. , is made up of a family team that has invested their effort and enthusiasm in creating this new project. A project that we were always clear about. Always inquiring, looking for facilities for day to day and that's how it came about.

A platform that tries to improve the situation of both the professionals who attend reservations of previous appointments, as well as that of the end users, through a service of “appointment reservation" with an Online agenda, where customers will see live the free spaces that They have their professionals and they can reserve an appointment without having to call them.

From our personal experience and from the particular point of view, we are witnessing a need, both from the companies that take appointment reservations, and from the users who attend them.

We were tired of calling our centers to book appointments and having to wait on the phone; that they stop us answering when a call sounded; call and the company is closed; or even forgetting we had a date.

Has it never happened to you?

To solve all these problems we decided to create SAVETIME, the Web – App you were waiting for.

A simple “click" and you will be able to see the agenda of your trusted professional, facilitating each other's day to day, avoiding waiting and calls. “Our purpose is to make available to everyone, the opportunities of this new era of technology" Only you decide where your limits are. Eliminate your paper agenda and collaborate with the environment using this online agenda and you can view it from anywhere in the world 24/7.

About Savetime

After explaining the about we explain about. Savetime arose from the idea of saving personal and professional time. Based on PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT RESERVATIONS, providing a simple and orderly service to companies and their clients.

Able to adapt to business and its needs, services, workers and / or clients.

We provide great facility to manage appointments, enabling its use both on Windows, Linux and IOS computers as well as on Smartphones with Android and Apple systems.

It is a project that streamlines communication between professionals and clients, in addition to reducing the work of companies. Avoiding call collapse. Offering a personalized and updated agenda 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for each worker in your company.


Those who have decided to work with SAVE TIME, understand that a centralized and autonomous management of the reserves of their workers and services, brings added value to their centers. 

Do not miss the opportunity to meet us!

Juan Carlos
"The truth is that the calls I received were a problem when my clients wanted to make an appointment, now I can concentrate on my work and in this way give a better service to my clients. With SAVETIME I no longer receive reservation calls "
Maria Gómez
Owner of a beauty center
"My secretary is enormously grateful, because now she has more time to organize the administrative issues that she handled running because of the incoming calls, thank you all to SAVETIME"
Ana Jimeno
"Although it was difficult for me to decide, in a short time I quickly got used to taking the planning of my Center together with SAVETIME, I feel that it has been an excellent choice, especially since this is the only reservation entry for my clients"
Manuel Hernández
Personal trainer
"The possibility of finding new clients was the main idea when I approached SAVE TIME, but I have gained much more, and I am sure we will continue to grow"

 It's simple !

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