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Adaptation is the key to progress with Online appointment in times of COVID-19

In a second life can change, just move the uns expected elements in our environment. Exactly! That movement was always there, but as in most cases a change must be driven by a crisis, the Pandemic had to arrive to assess certain scenarios. Ups! Suddenly, everything begins to fall, both in personal and work life, and that is when the tactics reviewed do not take effect.So you rethink, how to adapt your business strategy to the new circumstances?when today you find you losing money for reasons beyond your control. However, few have understood that the solution is to look for other opportunities, and this is where online appointment systems take value in COVID-19 times.

How can you adapt your business to the Online appointment in times of COVID-19?

Considering that the important thing at the moment is to guarantee an organized capacity and demonstrate to your customers that visiting your Center is safe, you could assimilate a tool with several advantages for meeting your goals. Here we present to Savetime, Online Appointment Management System, available from a WEB and APP, in this application, you will masterfully organize all the information regarding the schedule of the center, workers and services.In addition, your customers will always have their opportunity to book by appointment online.

Visión Ubicación centro

Geolocation of your Center with exact location

Your Center’s location will be available through the app, and if it doesn’t appear on Google Maps, you’ll have the ability to manually update it to ensure your actual location. You will be surprised with this simple detail, because your center will be visible by customers of all the centers that make use of the application. That’s why you’ll want to let other colleagues know and both sides will increase their memberships. Users will access by their COVID-19 Times Appointment and your business will gain visibility.

Already localizable within the application, and providing your services, you can manage the publication of your business address on Google Maps.

Managing your workers and services

Posting workers to the System ensures the availability of the workforce according to work schedules. Just as customizing schedules gives you autonomy to move workers in these times when reconciliation is back on the table. You will establish your own strategy always thinking that a stable and consolidated workforce will make you a successful administrator.

Home , pre-appointments online from Center Agenda, Services and Workers.

Non-working days of the center in COVID19

The System identifies the non-working days of the Center or a worker and automatically ensures that appointments cannot be booked on those days.It is very comfortable, to know which day to select your appointment unless the world falls, your service will be performed.As simple as you’ll move your workers and their work schedules to this simple application, the simple thing is not at all synonymous with little scope, only it will be very easy to use.

24/7 available agendas

The center has 3 agendas that of the center, that of each of the workers and that of the services, in each and every one you can book hours from the panel of the center and execute any type of change. They are distributed in this way so that in a simple click you can view the agenda that best suits you to visit, because in the center if you have many workers will be very extensive, in this way it will be easier for you to look for any appointment.

Agenda Center

At a glance you have your Center before your eyes, availability of days and workers, in addition to the affectations such as holidays and most importantly, the day you have to cancel massively, you can do it at a click. The truth is that we would not want to cancel all the activity of a Center, but if necessary it will reach the customer its appropriate notice.

Center Agenda, all centralized information for the management of Online Pre-Appointments

Service Agenda

The Service Agenda allows you to select an appointment with any available service, in case you find it indifferent that worker does the service to you.

At the same time you can cancel any service in a space of time when you do not have the material or a machine has been damaged, without the need to call the 1×1 client since Savetime sends Push and email notifications to customers.

Worker’s Agenda

The Worker’s schedule allows you to select and view the services assigned to the Worker and the availability from them. In case you have a star worker you can be eligible without difficulty by the users.

You can also make emeréncia cancellations in case of illness of some worker without calling the customer 1×1 since Savetime sends push and email notifications to customers.

In this image you can see what the worker’s agenda would look like in Savetime:

 online appointment from the Service Agenda, select the worker with the requested service

You think we’re done?

None of that, SaveTime has its own tools to reward its Centers, with annual payment benefits with a free monthly fee and free periods, the truth is that, the essential thing is to provide the best service, but if we are at ease, we all win. Your customers will select Online Appointment in COVID-19 times, because they care about continuing their lives, and your business should not be left behind.

Prevent your patients from attending your center to book an appointment because you have previously been unable to answer them on the phone and to the full end with SaveTime,⏰ Online Appointment Booking Manager!

I don’t tell you anymore, accompany this family and we will grow together, beating all possible setbacks that are presented to us.