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Savetime Manager of previous appointments for your business

Your customers will book online 24/7

no need to call you

Updated agenda available 24/7 for your clients to book an appointment through the web-app. You will avoid so much volume of calls and your clients will book an appointment from this single channel.
You will design all the services that your center offers, the duration of each of them and you can even overlap them. This way you will not lose a minute between client and client.
You will create all the workers, you will add services and the system will manage everything. Permits, holidays and vacations. You can even make emergency cancellations without the need to notify customers since Savetime does it alone through its notifications.

What we offer?

Agend updated 24/7 with Savetime ⏰ Manager of previous appointments

With Savetime, pre-appointment manager for your business, your schedule will be effective.

Take advantage of the System facilities and optimize your time.

Whenever you need it 24/7, you can access your agend and that of your employees.

In addition, your clients will be informed at all times, since the application is automatically synchronized and updated.

If you use the system correctly, you will have a positive impact in the creation of new clients.

Location available

Does your Center have good visibility for customers?

The new user will be able to see the location of your business on the map.

You will also have at your disposal the contact information.

From the map you can find out how to get to the site, check your schedule and the availability of each day's appointments.

Responsive design

This management system is created to be displayed properly regardless of the device used.

With the responsive design your information will be adapted to the different models, providing an arrangement of the contents that guarantee a good user experience.

Advantages with Savetime

Screen Savetime ⏰ Manager of previous appointments

  • You will stop receiving so many appointment booking calls with Savetime.
  • You will have a single reservation channel.
  • Your clients will be able to book 24/7 a day and from anywhere in the world.
  • You will be able to make emergency cancellations of your reservations, without having to call your clients 1 x 1.
  • Your clients will receive notifications on their phones if there is any cancellation or need for an emergency change.
  • You can check your reservations with your phone 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
  • You will be able to attract new clients, since they will see where your center is and the services you offer.
  • Your clients will be able to select the professional they want to serve them.

    And above all relax, because your time is money and with Savetime ⏰, you are taking care of it!


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