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Savetime and its websites use cookies to provide you with a better experience and improve our services.

However, the user who accesses the websites can configure cookies, rejecting all or part of them. In the latter case, if you disable or reject cookies, you should take into account that some sections of the platform may not be accessible or may work incorrectly.

Once the cookies have been accepted, they will no longer be displayed.

Among the different sections that configure cookies include the following:


1.   Marketing

Provided that consent has been given, or although there is a justified need to do so (respecting in the latter case the applicable regulations), we will use the user’s data to offer by any means of electronic communication other products and / or services that are appropriate. to the client.

It is noted that commercial communications can be disabled from the profile or by contacting those responsible for the application by email:


2.   Registration and retention of data

The data of Savetime users will be recorded in the confidential electronic file “SAVETIME USERS" created for this purpose in accordance with Law 15/2003, of December 18, Qualified on Personal Data Protection (hereinafter LPDP) and under the corresponding security measures. However, although security measures are in place, Savetime will be exempt from liability in the event that the user gives up access permissions to third parties.

The user will have their right of access to the data that they have provided to Savetime whenever they request it in advance.

The conservation of the data obtained from the Savetime user will be adjusted to the necessary time and during the period foreseen by the compliance with the services offered, or likewise during the period expressly established by the applicable regulations.


 3.   Data exchange with third parties

The data indicated in the previous section will only be transferred to suppliers or third companies with whom Savetime has a relationship. In this case, the platform will ensure that suppliers and third-party companies comply with the treatment in accordance with the legal requirements of the LPDP, or the legislation of foreign countries regarding the protection of personal data.


4.   Right of access, rectification and deletion

In accordance with the LDPL, all Savetime users will have the recognized rights of access, rectification and deletion of the personal data obtained through the application. In the event that you wish to exercise any of the aforementioned rights, the client should contact the person in charge designated for this purpose through the email


5.   Right to revoke your consent.

If the user has given their consent to Savetime for any management related to their information, it can be withdrawn at any time, requesting it through any means of electronic communication to those responsible for the application. In the latter case, it is noted that the revocation of consent will not imply that an illegitimate use has been made of the data provided during the time of use.

For any questions or additional information, you can contact Savetime via email: Likewise, if the user considers that Savetime may incur any type of irregularity in the processing of data, he is informed that he has the right to carry out the pertinent actions before the Data Protection Agency (C / Dr. vilanova, 15-17 (floor -5), Andorra la Vella, Andorra)


Savetime reserves the right to modify its Privacy Policy, expressly including the Cookies Policy at any time at its entire disposal. Any modification of it will be duly published on the website and app.

This policy last updated on: 26/08/2021

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