What is Savetime?

I’m sure you’ve wondered: Why do people become successful and can keep their businesses with excellent results?I think there is no black magic and less something like that famous phrase, “But there are those born with stars and other starry”, the truth is that there is no exact formula, but anyone who understands their business as an area of transformation and adaptation, can not only be a star, but after that can benefit from the light emitted by others. Here you can find a way to get your business to the safest site and you can reach this through Savetime.

What is Savetime? ⏰ An online appointment manager, next to it, you have the precise time and availability to book your appointment from where you want 24/7.

Book an appointment online

Through the website and app is easy, in 3 cliks you will have your appointment booked and you can do it from anywhere in the world.

Forget about schedules and having to call your favorite center when it’s open! Because with Savetime all the centers are open 24/7 to make reservations.

Interactive design

You will schedule an appointment in your business in 3cliks, it will be very easy with the best user experience and as a result you will receive more appointment reservations.

Updated agenda

Always-up-to-date schedule planning, available anywhere in the world, with Savetime.

Control your business

Simply your customers will see your free slots and book a pre-tour appointment in your business, you will manage your customers’ bookings at any time of the day and from anywhere.

Advantages for Centers:

  • The centers will remain open 24/7 so that their customers make reservations.
  • Call entry from appointment bookings will be significantly reduced.
  • The Centers community will be visible on one more platform, with location and services available.
  • The organization of resources will be centralized globally and specifically on a single platform.
  • They will effectively manage their Services and workers, based on the availability provided by the platform.
  • They will be able to make emergency cancellations without having to call their customers 1×1.
  • Your customers will receive notifications so they don’t forget their appointment.

Advantages for Workers :

  • Check the online appointments reserved for your services and available schedules.
  • Managing your days off
  • of your vacation.
  • your agenda
  • And his time.

Advantages for customers of the centers :

  • They can request an appointment at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world and without calls or waiting.
  • View the location on your center map, with the description and images and you will be able to access its services.
  • Booked in 3 Cliks
  • They are warned with reminders both by mail and push notifications, so they will not forget their appointments.
  • Savetime will sync with your calendar, send reminder emails and Push notifications

With Savetime, take your business to another level.

And as a result you will get more happy customers with the services you give them, without waiting or distractions on your part and above all you will have a much more functional agenda and in your hands always.