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In this Savetime Technical Support, you will find the resolution of all the doubts that may be generated when registering your center in our appointment manager, using the app on Apple or Android or in any doubt related to Savetime. At the same time, we ask you to let us know each and every one of your concerns. In this way you will be part of our team making us grow with problem solving.

The importance of Savetime Technical Support:

It is very important that you follow the steps as reflected in the videos posted on our YouTube channel, if you do not follow them exactly you will be able to generate other doubts and that is not the objective.

Savetime Youtube channel:

Everything on this page you will find on our YouTube channel to which you can subscribe and add notices to notify you of each and every one of the tutorials that we are uploading, so that you know a little more about our platform and our ecosystem.

Suggestions panel within your Center:

Once you have created your center in Savetime you have a panel of suggestions where you can write us your concerns and your contributions so that we can improve

In case we do not solve your doubts here:

Get in touch with us, on the contact page and we will clarify them personally, thank you very much for trusting our appointment manager as a solution to schedule the previous appointments of your clients.

Thank you very much for being part of the Savetime team.


1.- How to register your center in Savetime:

2.- How to edit your center in Savetime:

3.- How to add workers to your center in Savetime:

4.- How to add the address of your center manually in Savetime:

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