Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The current General Terms and Conditions of Use and legal informations (also known as General Conditions) regulate the use and access of the website www.savetime.es and the mobile app, entitled ALJATUR, S.L., which is registered in the Principality of Andorra with number NRT: L-713617-B.

The access, use, navigation and participation in the services and web or application activities give you, from the beginning, the condition of USER, if you go on navigating and giving documentation, it will be understood that you accept specifically and willingly the use conditions.

  1. Application Use- Updating.

They are accepted for both the application and the web.

It includes any of the updates or complements of the application or service. The client is informed about the changes every time they access the application.

In case the client accepts The Use Conditions, we give them a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use the Application on any device which is controlled by the client. We reserve all the rights about the platform.

We can (although we are not obligued) update the application and/or the content of it at a certain time. Those updates will be launched on Appstore or Playstore and, depending on the update modification, the service may not be used until you have downloaded the latest versión and, if you were asked to do it, until you have accepted the new conditions.

If you do not agree with the modifications, please cancel the use of the Application and uninstall it from your device.

  1. Application Access

The application is available free of charge for the users and can be downloaded limitless on any mobile device. We do not make declarations or give express or implicit guarantees about:

The application will be always available or free of disruption; (II) it will be mistake-free , will be exact, complete and updated; (III) it will be free of mistakes or virus.

The Application access is temporary and we can suspend it, quit it, interrupt it or modify it, either totally or any of its parts, without warning. We will not be responsible to you if, for any reasons, the application is not available at a certain time or during a period of time. You are the only accountable for taking actions to access the application. If you control  it, but you are not the owner of the device in which the application has been downloaded, it will be assumed that you got the owner’s permission to handle it. The suppliers may charge Internet or phone services due to the data access on your mobile device. You take the responsibility for the Use  Conditions accordance by the use of the Application or the service on your mobile phone, being your device or not.

  1. Registration and safety

If you want to use the application, you must log in through your Facebook account or introduce your personal information. You MUSTN’T log in the application using another person’s Facebook account or allow other people use your Facebook account. If you know or suspect somebody is using or accessing the application using your own Facebook account or your personal data, you must inform us as soon as possible via email info@savetime.es.

We have the right to inactivate your access to the application if, according to our reasonable opinion, the client has not complied with any of the stipulations of the Conditions of Use.

  1. Rights of intellectual and industrial property

Y may accept all your ights of intellectual and industrial property about the Application and the technology which has been used anywhere, including, in a non-exhaustive manner, the trademark SaveTime, which belongs to ALJATUR S.L., you do not hold any right of the Application or the technology which has been used, except for the right to use them according the Conditions of Use.

You acknowledge that you do not have any right to access the application as a source code.

  1. Your responsibility towards us

You will be the responsible towards us and will compensate us due to any  infringement of the current Conditions of Use or other contracts between you and a third company (including whatever conditions of service which have been applied by the company contacted through the application). This means that you are the responsible of any loss or damage which may be suffered as a consequence of infringement, covering claims of legal procedures against us by  a person who has infringed the rules.

  1. Limitation of our responsibility

You accept that  the application has not been developed to satisfy your specific necessities and, as a result, it is yours the responsibility of ensuring that the characteristics and functions reach your prospects. As long as the law allows us, we exclude all the conditions, guarantees, procedures and other terms which can be applied to our Application. We are only responsible of any loss or damage (contractual or extracontractual arrangements, including negligence, as an infringement of a legal obligation or any other types) which leads to  or  it is related to the use or failure in using the Application, as long as that loss or damage is a result of our infringement of the Conditions of Use, or our negligence or if you or we, while downloading, we had reasonably contemplated as a possible result of the infringement of our Conditions of Use or negligence.

You can only use the Application for domestic and private use, unless your user account is activated as a business account. You accept not using the Application with commercial, business or reselling objectives, and we do not have any responsibilities of your profit or business loss, activity disruption or bussiness opportunities loss.

Under no circumstances we are responsible of: Loss or damage caused by mistakes, virus or other harmful technological material which can infect your computer tools and applications, including your mobile device, data or other material and devices under your ownership due to the Application use or download from a webpage linked to the Application.

Nothing in the current Conditions of Use: Exclude or limit our responsibility of death or personal injuries derived from our negligence, deceit, fraud or false procedure, or any other responsibility which can be excluded or limited from Andorran Laws. In case the client has a problem with a service through the Application, customer service will be available through any of these means:

In case of a user’s conflict with a professional who has shared products or services through the application, if it has not been able to solve the dispute contacting our customer service team, the client has the possibility to file a claim through the European online platform Dispute Resolution, managed by the European Comission.

  1. App Use restrictions

Except as expressly provided in the current Use Conditions, the client accepts:

  • Do not copy the Application, except when the copy is incidental to the ordinary use of the Application, or when it is necessary for back-up aims or operational safety.
  • Do not sell, rent, hire, sublicense, lend, translate, adapt, vary or modify the Application.
  • Do now allow the Application or any part of it get combined with other programmes or get implemented in them.
  • Do not access without authorisation, interfere, damage or alter any part of the application, equipment or network where the application is stored, any software used during the application performance, any equipment, network or software owned or used by a third company.
  • Do not disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer or create derived works based on all or a part of the Application, and do not try to do any of these actions unless these actions cannot be banned when they are essential parts to get the Application interoperability with other software programmes and as long as the information you obtain during those activities: (i)is inly used in order to get the Application interoperability with other programme; is not unnecessarily divulged to third parties without our previous written consent; is not used to create any software which is substantially similar to the Application.
  • Do not give or provide anybody with the Application or part of it (including object code and source code) without our previous written consent.
  • Do not infringe our intellectual and industrial rights, or third parties' rights, related to the use of the Application or service, including material contribution (if the use is not submitted to the Use Conditions license).
  • Do not collect or gather information or data from the Service or our System, or try to decode any transmisions towards or from the servers which operate the Service.
  1. Suspension and termination

You can finish your juridical relation with us at any moment, as long as our one-year exclusive contract has been revoked. The anticipated suspension will entail the payment of the remaining amount of money, without web discounts. We determine, in our discretion, if through the Application use there has been a non-compliance of the current Use Conditions of our Privacy Policy and, in case of non-compliance, we can take further actions, including all or any of the following actions: · Send a notification. · Immediate, temporary or permanent removal of the right to use the Application. · Legal procedure against the client to get the refund of all expenses, damages and detriments (included, with non-exhaustive character, reasonable administration and legal expenses)  as consequences of the non-compliance. · Any other legal actions against the client. · Information disclosure to legally competent authorities if we consider it is reasonably necessary. Actions described in the currect Use Conditions are not limited and we can take any other actions considered appropriate.  In case of withdrawing the right to use the Application. · All the rights received from the Use Condictions will end up. · The client has to stop all the activities authorised by the current Use Conditions immediately, included the Service use. · The client has to uninstall the Application on all the mobile devices or computers as an immediate measure.

  1. Links to websites and third-party resources.

The Application may contain links to websites or third-party resources, including in a non-exhaustive manner, advertisers. We do not have any control of those websites or resources, their availability, and any of the links to them are just for your information. You need to form your own objective view related to the interaction with those webpages or resources, included purchase or use of any products or services available. We are not responsible of their content or their Privacy Policies (if any), we do not provide support or we are not responsible of any loss or damage which may be derived from their use.

  1. Events beyond our control

We are not responsible of failure to comply, delay in the compliance of any of our obligations under the current Use Conditions, which is a cause of an event or corcumstances beyond our reasonable control, including any communication networks, either private or public,  or any delay or waiting time due to their physical location or supplier of  wireless data service.

  1. Applicable Law

In this sense, Savetime guarantees compliance with current legislation on the protection of personal data, reflected in Law 15/2003 of 18 December. As well as the agreement with the Council of Europe for the protection of

persons with regard to automated processing of personal data (Convention 108+) (FR).

The parties agree to submit to the courts and tribunals of the city of Andorra la Vella, expressly waiving their own jurisdiction if applicable, any dispute or claim arising from or related to these Conditions of Use. This is without prejudice to the provisions of the following paragraph.

Nothing in the preceding paragraph shall limit our right to bring proceedings against you in any other competent court or tribunal, nor shall the bringing of proceedings in one or more jurisdictions preclude us from bringing proceedings in any other jurisdiction, whether concurrently or not, to the extent permitted by the law of such other jurisdiction.

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